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Sketch Phase

After a work contract is finalized, I start off each project researching, and then sketching by hand. No matter the subject matter or final output, drawing is always a part of my work. I work from the material a client supplies, my own resources (anatomy and physiology textbooks and atlases), my own photo references, and my mind (drawing from my knowledge and creative problem solving). I start with thumbnails, and work to finished sketches or storyboards that are sent to the client for approval. This is the foundation for everything I create, and arguably the most important step, so accuracy, collaboration, and agreement are key. 

Content Creation Phase

After sketch approval, I get right to work creating the project. This could be a wide range of services, but no matter the content, I maintain artistic and design standards while working in the style that is needed. I keep in contact with the client along the way to assure I am meeting their goals for quality, budget, and time. Once the project has reached a point where it is ready for delivery, I'll send it to the client for final approval. 

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final Round of Revisions

After the final draft has been reviewed by the client, I offer a final round of revisions to further ensure the finished work fits the client’s needs and goals. Sometimes this isn't necessary, but it's a critical step in creating the best content possible and maintaining accuracyclarity, and style.